Frequently Asked Questions

How to generate TRACES FORM 16A ?

  1. Open Etds Wizard >>Print forms>>Traces forms
  2. Select Print option: Traces Form16A
  3. Select the financial Year
  4. Enter the TAN No.
  5. Select Quarter
  6. Select  Traces Zip file
  7. Click on Export.

How to create Correction Statement?

  1. Open the Etds 17-18 Software
  2. Click on Create correction statement
  3. Click on Launch
  4. Select Consolidated file (.tds)
  5. After selecting the file click on option “Launch Excel Template to Carry out correction”
  6. Excel sheet will get open make the changes in corrected sheet and save the file.
  7. Then click on create Etds
  8. After creating the file click on download csi file
  9. Save the file at some location
  10. Browse .CSI file.
  11. After browsing the .csi file click on validate etds file

How to carry out corrections for Challan, Deductee and PAN?


(Note- : In challan only Interest Amount and Interest Allocated Amount can be modified. Adding of challan feature is continued from Software as per NSDL guidelines)

Modifying of Challan

  1. In challan Corrected sheet Select Mode as Modify in Column A.
  2. In column F Enter Amount in Interest Column and in column O Interest Allocated column.


Deleting of deductee

  1. In deductee corrected sheet Select column A mode as Delete
  2. Enter Deductee Serial number (Column B) and Challan serial Number (Column C).

Addition of Deductee


  1. In deductee corrected sheet Select Mode A as Add
  2. Enter Column B and Column C New Dedutee serial number and challan serial number.

Modifying of Deductee

  1. In deductee corrected sheet Select column A mode as Modify.
  2. Enter Column B and Column C Deductee Serial number and Challan serial number.
  3. Just enter the details which you want to modify.

Pan Update

(Note – A PAN of deductee can be modified only if 4 Alpha or Numeric of a PAN number is in-correct.

If the in-correct character is more than 4 we need to  delete the deductee and again add the deductee.(For deletion of deductee you can follow above deletion of deductee steps).

Modifying of PAN

  1. In deductee corrected sheet Select Column A Mode as PAN update.
  2. Enter Column B deductee Serial number
  3. Enter Column C  challan serial number
  4. Enter Column G correct PAN number

How to Add Interest Challan?

Regular Return:-

  1. Go to the challan sheet – update challan serial no.
  2. Update interest amount in Interest Column of challan sheet.
  3. Also update interest amount in Interest allocated column of challan sheet.

Note:-  If user do not update interest amount in both the column or any of the column ( Interest and Interest allocated ) he will get notice for interest payment.

Revised Return:-

  1. Add Interest challan online on Traces.
  2. Download consolidated file from Traces and extract it.
  3. Go to – Etds- Create correction file – click on launch
  4. Browse the .tds file
  5. Launch excel to carry out correction will get generated
  6. Online added challan will be visible in challan submitted sheet.
  7. Go to challan corrected sheet – update challan serial number as per challan sheet
  8. Update interest amount in Interest allocated column of challan corrected sheet.
  9. Create etds – Download CSI file – Validate and Submit.

What are the system requirements for installation of eTdsWizard 1819?

  1. Processors Supported: Intel or AMD
  2. 2 GB RAM
  3. 250 MB of Free Hard Disk Space
  4. Operating System MS Windows® 7/8 Vista SP2/ XP SP3
  5. Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (Client profile & Extended Version)
  6. Internet Explorer (8.0 and above)
  7. Date Format DD/MM/YYYY (Regional setting)
  8. Microsoft Office (Desktop Versions 2007 & Above)
  9. @Screen Resolution 1024 X 768

What are the steps to install eTdsWizard 1819?

  1. Download setup from above link provided in email. Zip file contains below list
    1. eTdsWiz-Manual-2018-19.PDF
    2. eTdswizard1819-Setup.exe
    3. Installation Guide.docx
  2. Download & extract the ZIP file in a folder
  3. Right click on < eTdswizard1819-Setup.exe>
    1. Run as ‘Administrator’
    2. It shows pending DNF1819 & .Net Frame Work (if .net is not installed on system)
    3. Click ‘Install’
    4. Click  on ‘Next’
    5. Select ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’
    6. Click on ‘Next’
    7. Click ‘Install’  & ‘Finish’

If I am an existing customer, how to Download the Upgrade?

There are two ways of upgrading the software

If your PC is connected to internet

  1. Use Auto Upgrade feature of eTdsWizard
  2. Run eTdsWizard.
  3. Go to upgrade tab.
  4. It will display existing and latest version of the product
  5. Click on download
  6. It will download latest version
  7. Click on OK
  8. Once the Download is complete, Click Run Upgrade. Click Setup and Click Proceed and wait for the completion message.

If your PC is not connected to internet

Go to the PC with an internet connection and visit

  1. Click Download against eTds Correction or against eTdsWizard
  2. Save the file to the desktop
  3. Copy this file to the desktop of the PC where eTdswizard is installed”.
  4. Double click the same to launch.
  5. Click Setup and Click Proceed and wait for the completion message.

How to Delete, Add and Modify the Transactions

For deductee correction, Go to Deductee corrected sheet-

For Delete-

  • From 1st column Select mode Delete
  • In Next Columns, Mention deductee serial Number and challan serial number
  • For deletion , Need to update only starting 3 columns

For Add-

  • Select Add mode from 1st column
  • In Next Columns, Mention column wise detail for the deductee, As Per the headings

For Modify-

  • Select Modify mode from 1st column
  • In next Columns, Mention Deductee serial number and challan serial number(Same as we have in Submitted sheet)
  • Mention updated transaction details in as per column headings

E.g.- Need to change Amount paid/credited,

  • Select Modify mode, mention deductee serial and challan serial for deductee,whom amount need to modify(Both number should be same as per deductee submitted sheet)
  • Mention the updated value in Amount paid/credited column

How to show a nil Challan for 24Q in QTR 4

1. Update the Running serial No. as 1

2. Following fields to be updated as 0.

   – I.e. TDS, Surcharge, Education Cess, Interest, Fee, Others, Total Tax deposited, Interest Allocated & Other amt Allocate

3. Following fields are to be kept blank

   – I.e. TDS deposited through book entry, Bank branch code, Challan serial No & Minor head in Challan

4. Date on tax deposited should be last date of Qtr e.g. 31/03/2018.

5. Nil Challan Indicator select Y from Drop-down.

Procedure of unmatched Challan while scanning Etds.

Post ‘scan etds’ in case of unmatched challan, follow below steps to check the same-

  1. Click on ‘Unmatched challan’, it will open Challan details of unmatched challan.
  2. Go to Oltas website ‘’ in CIN Based View.
  3. Enter challan Viz, BSR code, Challan Tender Date, Challan serial No., Amount from regular return excel file
  4. Enter verification code in ‘Enter the code as shown’
  5. Click on ‘View’
  6. Challan details will open if any of the challan details is unmatched, it will show ‘No records found for the above query’ or if they match with some other TAN no. then those details will be displayed.
  7. Cross verify the challan details with original copy of challan, rectify the same.

How to verify pan with Traces website and income tax website

  • Go to Parameters Tab
  • Select Verify Pan with ITD and List PAN Name from TRACES  and Update
  • Click on Scan eTds File
  • Post ITD pan validation a Traces Login window will appear,
  • Login with your Traces credentials
  • After successful Login, Click on Verify button
  • It will Verify Pan with Traces and Income Tax site

Procedure of downloading manual CSI file if auto download of CSI does not work

If unable to auto download CSI file from ‘Download CSI File’ option-

  1. Click on link ‘’ given below on same screen


Close ‘Download CSI File’ screen, click on link below ‘OLTAS-Challan Status Enquiry’

  1. OLTAS website will open in Internet explorer
  2. Click ‘TAN Based View’
  3. Enter ‘Tax Deduction/Collection Account Number (TAN)’
  4. Enter ‘Challan Tender Date/Date of Deposit (Period)’ for which CSI is to be downloaded
  5. Enter captcha in ‘Enter text as in above image’
  6. Click on ‘View Challan Details’ (Incase you want to confirm Amounts)  otherwise click on ‘Download Challan file’
  7. Browse downloaded csi file in etds wizard application and validate the file.